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Geap Group of companies is operating in the United Arab Emirates for over three decades ; it is a dynamic and diversified group with business interests in several key sectors. The group with its strong financial base has a very successful track record of operating not only in the U.A.E but also in several European and Mid dle Eastern countries. With its policy of focused expansion the group has become the market leader in the several fields that it operates in.

The flagship company of the group is GEAP International (UAE) LLC, which was founded in 1974.

GEAP's business strategy and strong fundamentals of corporate governance kept abreast them of the various problems facing contractors in obtaining a regular and reliable supply of building materials at prices that did not fluctuate on a daily basis. With this in mind, GEAP decided to help resolve the problems facing contractors by offering long-term fixed price contracts and other solutions for the supply of building materials.

This initiative was the start of the GEAP becoming a key supplier of steel, cement and other building materials in the UAE and Oman . The Company positioned itself in playing an important role in the supply chain management of many contractors undertaking major projects in the region.

The Organization's focused expansion plans and service to the society objective helped them to become market leaders in Food Distribution, Road Marking, Shipchandelling and other areas wherever they decided to diversify.


  • 1981 – 1986: Largest Importers of cement from Oman
  • 1987 - First Blending Plant in UAE for Road Marking setup.
  • 1992 – Pioneer in introducing the concept of off-site rebar processing in Middle East Construction Industry
  • 2007 – Market share of 15% in the Rebar industry
  • 2007 – Leading food distributor in Dubai