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In 2003, GEAP decided to capitalise on its expertise gained from the supply chain management of food and consumable products, via its shipchandling operations. GEAP extended its distribution platform by entering into the food distribution business onshore, with a view to supplying the wholesale, retail, re-export, catering and hotel sectors.

With the above in mind, GEAP launched a new food distribution business, under its own brand of GEAP Foods in 2004. Today GEAP Foods is involved in the supply of various food products and consumable products to various clients from different market sectors. GEAP Foods differentiates itself by supplying many products that are distributed under its own private brands and labelling.

GEAP controls its own warehousing and cold storage facilities in both Dubai and Fujairah, and has plans to expand these operations into other parts of the UAE and the neighbouring GCC countries.

GEAP also maintains its own fleet of refrigerated and non­refrigerated delivery vehicles as part of its own logistics infrastructure.

This new division has been a great success and has helped GEAP further diversify its supply chain management activities.

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