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The supply of s teel, mainly to the construction industry, is a major activity of GEAP and one in which they have, for many decades , been a major supplier to some of the largest companies in the UAE and Oman.

The expertise of GEAP's management, being able to manage the supply and delivery of steel, on a contract basis at competitive prices, managing the volatility of supply and pricing of the products, as well as providing logistics services to its customers via its own fleet of delivery trucks, cranes and storage areas, has resulted in the Company becoming a P referred S upplier to most of the larger and prestigious construction projects in the UAE and Oman. The purchase and supply of steel are managed by strict internal procedures and documentation.

Currently GEAP supplies 15 % of the total market requirement and has recently grown its monthly supply of steel to 45,000 tonnes per month. The GEAP management has projected and budgeted that this figure will become 65,000 tonnes per month by the end of 2008, resulting in a market share of 20 %.

In addition to supplying steel rebars directly to the end users, GEAP has also become involved in downstream added value services of cutting and bending steel rebars, using sophisticated computerized equipment through its wholly-owned subsidirary, G-2 International LLC , which was established in 1992.

Geap International ( Timber Division )

GEAP has been involved in the supply of a wide range of T imber products since GEAP established its first operations.

Over the years, the range of products and the sources of the products have grown. Today GEAP supplies cut timber, plywood, hardwoods and MDF, sourced from Africa, Chile , China , Indonesia , North America and Romania . This diverse range of products allows GEAP to supply most of the requirements of contractors and wood joinery businesses in the UAE.

With the large increase in construction and the growth in the local furniture industry, this business has seen consistent growth in turnover. Future growth of this business would depend very much on GEAP's infrastructure and storage, which is currently being increased following the acquisition of 400,000 Sq.Ft of land in the new Dubai Building Materials Free Zone.