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Round the clock supply to ships at all UAE ports and beyond we can proudly proclaim that we can supply Technical, deck, provional & personal items at short notice.

Gulf Shipchandlers was set up in the recently formed United Arab Emirates in 1971. Right from its inception, the company set out on a steady course of customer satisfaction that has become a hallmark of success.

Gulf Shipchandlers lays special emphasis on enhancing the knowledge and proficiency of its people through rigorous training programs. This exposes them to new concepts and ideas which helps provide a higher standard of service to customers. Gulf Shipchandlers recognise the fact that innovation and technology are the keys to successful and cost-effective transactions. To this end, computerised systems are continually upgraded. Highly sophisticated software has been successfully designed to help reduce time and labour.

As a member of the International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA) and the International Marine Purchase Association (IMPA). Gulf Shipchandlers is in a position to speed up procedures by using their global code purchase systems

Additional Services Offered Beyond Shipchandling
  • Spare Parts and Equipment division
  • Chesterton Division – servicing the Oil & Gas Sectors
  • Freezer & Chiller Facility
For more information, kindly visit Gulf Shipchandlers website.