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Plastaspray UAE, formed in 1988 undertakes the manufacturing and application of thermoplastic Roadmarkings.

GEAP identified the growing demand for Roadmarking, as the substantial road infrastructure was established and grew in both the UAE and Oman. The establishment of Plastaspray allowed the GEAP group to expand its supply chain management activities to its existing customers such as municipalities, contractors and road contractors.

In 1987, GEAP transferred the technology to the UAE, by establishing the UAE’s first blending plant for roadmarking material. The Roadmarking activities of the Company in Oman were previously carried out by GEAP International Oman.

Plastaspray OMAN

In 2002, GEAP established a new company in Oman, Plastaspray Oman LLC, in which GEAP controls 70% of the shares through its nominees.  Plastaspray Oman LLC manufactures a range of Plastaspray products in Oman.

Currently, Plastaspray is a major contractor for the supply and application of Roadmarking in both the UAE and Oman , and there are plans to establish similar operations in Qatar .