About Geap Farms

Geap Group's newest venture is Geap Farms, a hydroponics, vertical farm based in Dubai. Geap Farms, under the brand Oasis Greens, grows numerous varieties of fresh produce which is pesticide-free, herbicide-free and non-GMO. The nature of the farm allows the Group to grow fresh produce in the desert throughout the year in spite of the harsh desert climate. Additionally, the growing technology ensures that we use 90% less water and a fraction of the land compared to traditional farming. Since we grow locally, our carbon footprint is minimal and we are able to provide UAE residents with the freshest produce grown at their doorstep.

Geap Farms is aligned with the UAE’s vision of becoming self-sufficient in the field of agriculture and food-production to support the UAE’s food security efforts.

Geap Farms
Oasis Greens New Logo.
Oasis Greens New Logo.
Oasis Greens New Logo.
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